Arvind S

Student, Developer

About Me

I'm a 21 year old student at Manipal Institute of Technology, pursuing a Bachelors degree in Computers and Communication Engg.

I'm primarily a front-end web developer, although I have made a considerable number of full stack projects.

My main ability is to quickly pick up and use somthing new, which has enabled me to also dabble with multiple frameworks for web development, work with Kubernetes, develop for Android and dip my feet into machine learning.


(My Internships)

Company Logo

Summer Intern, DCES

Schneider Electric, Bengaluru

Prepared a proof of concept to migrate existing services to a bare-metal Kubernetes cluster.

Implemented route-wise load balancing and monitoring for each service.

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Summer Intern

Hindustan Petroleum, Mumbai

Worked on a full-stack Java Project, with JSP and Servlets connected to a MySQL database.

Supported import and export of data using .XLSX files.

Bachelor of Technology, Computer and Communication Engineering

Manipal Institute Of Technology, Manipal (2016 - 2020)

Current CGPA: 8.53 / 10

Pursuing a Minor in Big Data, certified by UC San Diego (Coursera).

CBSE, Grade 12 (2016)

Delhi Public School, Navi Mumbai

Scored 90.6% with 95 in Maths and Computer Science.

CBSE, Grade 10 (2014)

Kendriya Vidyalaya, Mankhurd

Scored 10 CGPA with 93.6% overall.


(So far)


(I'd like to learn more)

Web Development

Front End

I'm proficient in basic front end development. I've also extensively used Pug and SCSS, and also frameworks like React and Vue.

Back End

I mainly write server-side code with NodeJS and Ruby (Sinatra). I've also used Java to write servlets for various projects.


I have worked with MySQL and OracleSQL, and have implemented various triggers, functions and normalized database designs. I also have basic knowledge of MongoDB.

General Coding & Development

Competitive Coding

I use standard data structures and algorithms, mainly with languages like C++ with STL, Python and Ruby

Android Apps

Developed for Android using the Android X libraries, including the Room database and Retrofit.

Other Tools

Worked heavily with Git, Postman and Webpack. I also frequently use Selenium and BS4 in Python3 to scrape webpages.